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The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game is a revolutionary game that has changed the lives of many people. Personal development never felt the same. Just open and play – it’s fun, engaging and positively addicting!

The Series


Just Be





Incredible things come in small packages. Punctum is small in size and big in influence. Take it wherever you go, you will never find a better companion


Every face has a meaning, every face tells a story. What is your story? And what is your purpose in life? Faces is different, engaging and life-changing. Learn about yourself and find your meaning

The Series

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Inside Out

Managing Changes From the Inside Out

Do you like changes? Do changes keep you vivid? Interested? Energetic? Our lives are dynamic and constantly changing requiring we adjust ourselves to new situations. When change comes from the “outside in”, we are forced into a position of reaction to change...
Family photo album

My Family Photo Album

My Family Photo Album Family units differ from one another but there is also much diversity within the members of the same unit. We receive the same norms and education but each human being is unique and special and unlike the other in so many ways. We are raised to...

Traveling With Points of You

Traveling With Points of You Passport Driving license Clean underwear Local money A Points of You Game There are different kinds of trips. There's the first big trip we take without our parents. It is our first independent trip alone or with friends. You know - the...

Face Up Face Down

Face Up / Face Down The Coaching Game, Faces and Punctum – all developed by Points of You® are revolutionary products which include decks of cards. The almost mystical cards, as some describe them, will change the way you see things and will allow you to open up and...

Going All The Way

Going All The Way I would like to start with the moral of this article. If you wish to achieve your goals, then you need a plan for exactly how you are going to implement them. We all have goals we wish to achieve, habits we would like to adapt or replace, various...

Am I Visible

Am I Visible When talking about visibility the first association that comes to mind is being visible in the social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc… There is a lot of criticism that these don't reflect reality. That the stories we choose to expose and share,...

A Game For Change

A Game for Change We often think about wanting to make a change. We feel unfulfilled and in need to make a change in our career, in our relationship or in our personal development. We also, unfortunately, many times stay "stuck" at the same point because there is...
Past Present Future

To a Wonderful New Year

To a Wonderful New Year The end of one year towards the beginning of the new one is an opportunity to look forward by looking backwards. It is a good time to think about what we have accomplished as far as achievements, successes and goals, as well as what we would...
express myself

How Do I Express Myself

How Do I Express Myself How authentic am I with the people surrounding me? How authentic am I with myself? We play so many roles in our lives, each require emphasizing different parts of our personality and so we wear masks. As parents we play the part of the...

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