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About Us

Hi, glad to meet you!

We are Points of You®, a leading company in the field of training for personal and business development.

Our games offer opportunities to explore significant life themes in a fun, unique and powerful way and are designed for use by professionals, organizations and individuals.

Up till recently the emphasis was mainly for professional use and for organizations but after seeing the tremendous need for the personal, individual use as well, we decided to expand the target audience. Following the successful feedbacks from all over the world and understanding there is no field, subject, problem, difficulty or dilemma our tools can’t assist with, we are excited to share with you that we in the process of expanding our individual market as well.

C:\Users\Einav\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Page-3-Image-2.jpgSince 2006

Over 200,000 games sold

In over 147 countries

24 languages


Our Viewpoint

We believe that everything has countless points of view. People, objects, experiences, places – everything. Countless points of view.

When we don’t understand something or someone, it is probably because our perspective is too limited for us to see. When we can’t see, we can’t decide, we feel stuck and find it hard to take the next step.

We differ from many other methods because we do not dictate what to do. There is no instruction book with the correct answers and no therapist/guide/coacher sharing his/her personal opinion and telling you what to do. There is no external explanation, insights and advice. Instead, you are given an amazing opportunity to understand the answers that are within yourself. It allows you to open up, understand that there are different points of view and by that enables you to see things differently. Once you look at situations from another perspective, one that deviate from those you already know, you are open to see new angles.

No one leads you to the answer. You are in control of the process and the insights in the most authentic way.

The importance in reaching the insights on your own is even reflected in the name of the company. The name is Points of You but sounds like Points of View. The idea is to emphasize the importance of seeing additional points of view –ones that are through you.

We look deep inside ourselves and all around us. It is a stimulating exploration that inspire us to start moving in search of new points of view, sharpens our senses and opens up new possibilities.


Who uses our tools?


C:\Users\Einav\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Page-5-Image-10.jpgCounselors and therapists of all disciplines looking to expand their professional toolkit with tools adaptable to individual therapy, couples therapy, or groups of all sizes.

(Psychologists, facilitators, counselors, coaches, consultants, social workers, educators and others).




Human Resources professionals, training departments and organizational consultants working to promote growth, development and effective employee dialogue in workshops, brainstorming sessions, corporate team events and more.





Anyone wishing to reconnect and enhance communication with themselves and others. People in search of fresh perspectives on dilemmas, relationships and decision making. Those seeking inner change and the opportunity to build new bridges.

All games can be played alone or in a group, with friends, family, coworkers, partners or yourself.

They can take place in any location you feel most comfortable with and that will assist you in reaching your goal.

The games can be played at a time and in the frequency you decide and can refer to any and every subject – relationships, couple hood, work, traveling, friendships, personal development… – you name it.

All that is left to do – is begin.

Enjoy the journey of better understanding yourself and others, your capabilities, your needs, dreams and ambitions just as much as the process itself.


The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game features 65 associative cards that explore significant everyday life themes.

A colorful and thought-provoking book expands each theme through stories, quotes, interpretations and more photos. 4 process maps offer structured method, with the cards, to examine our own issues, and the focus notes assist in turning insights into actions.

The Coaching Game has been translated into 24 languages and has been highly praised by professionals around the world.

The Coaching Game includes:

65 photo cards

4 process maps

Colorful inspiration book

Focus notes

Environmentally friendly canvas case



Punctum fosters associative connections between photos, themes and questions.

These flexible combinations make it a fascinating tool, highly effective in dynamic therapy, coaching and counseling.C:\Users\Einav\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Page-7-Image-15.jpg

A booklet offering suggestions on how to play Punctum in different settings is also included.


Punctum includes:

33 photo cards

33 theme cards

33 question cards

Process map

How-to booklet

Environmentally friendly denim case



Faces is a powerful way to get to know ourselves through the observation of others.

Faces helps us to get to know our significant others from new perspectives; it raises questions regarding our relationships and the parts we choose to take in them.

Faces can be used in many ways. The 4 process maps included in the game suit independent and one on one work. Faces can also work in different sized groups.

Faces includes:

99 photo cards

58 reflection cards

8 blank reflection cards

4 process maps

Colorful inspiration book

1 real mirror cardC:\Users\Einav\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Page-8-Image-16.jpg

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