Choosing a Game

Choosing a Game


Points of You® games were born after understanding the tremendous need for a tool that will assist in personal development and problem solving offering a fresh perspective on any and every aspect of our lives.

A tool that differs from any other tool developed before. A tool that gives us an amazing opportunity to understand the answers that are within ourselves.

It allows us to open up, understand that there are different points of view and by that enables us to see things differently. Once we look at situations from another perspective, one that deviate from those we already know, we are open to see new angles.

We are in control of the process and the insights in the most authentic way enabling the learning process, results and actions we take to be just as amazing and authentic.

Since all Points of You games are effective, fun, helpful and accessible there is the dilemma of which game/s to purchase, which would be the perfect fit.

Start by asking yourself what is the purpose of the purchase, try to focus on your needs and the answer will be easy.

The Coaching Game, our firstborn, has been translated into 24 languages and has been highly praised by professionals around the world.

C:\Users\Einav\Dropbox\Points Of You\Game Photos\TCG\TCGame-Glow.png This easy-to-use game features 65 associative cards, each depicting a photographic image and a topic, accompanied by a thought-provoking book, inviting us to break free from set patterns of thought, and open up new possibilities for expansion and growth.

The Coaching Game stimulates thinking, discussion, and cooperation. It offers us and teaches us that there are countless points of view for any situation.

The challenge is to succeed in seeing points of view other than the ones we are familiar with and to observe things from new angels.

It’s a powerful tool for self-discovery and new observations.

This game is perfect for playing with the family, with a partner or with friends. It can also be played alone and is just as rewarding when seeking for a change of any kind or for expanding our thoughts when we feel stuck or off the track.

C:\Users\Einav\Dropbox\Points Of You\Game Photos\Punctum\Punctum-Glow.pngPunctum is based on associative connections between stunning photos, intriguing themes and meaningful questions to create genuine learning and development.

It contains 33 photo cards, 33 theme cards, 33 question cards and a layout process chart.

The Punctum game is both an invitation and an opportunity.

An invitation to open doors inside ourselves, and an opportunity to expand our point of view, take a step forward, and experience new insights.

The Punctum Game is small and compact, fits easily in any handbag and even in your pocket! This enables us to take Punctum with us wherever we go – work, business trip, family activities etc.

Practically whenever and wherever and most importantly – without it being uncomfortable, heavy and inconvenient.

C:\Users\Einav\Dropbox\Points Of You\Game Photos\Faces\Faces-Glow.pngFaces is a game that is all about how we see ourselves through others. It allows us to identify with the person in the picture, with his/her feelings, emotions, characteristics, values and beliefs as per our interpretation. It allows us to express ourselves through reflection and brings down our barrios and walls built around ourselves.

It consists of 99 various black & white photo cards of faces captured in special moments, a mirror card, reflection cards, process maps and an inspirational book.

Faces is a premium, unique product. It’s elegant and classy from A to Z starting with the package, continuing to the content and ending with the target audience. It’s a perfect exclusive gift for friends, family and loved ones. An amazing, special, long lasting gift perfect for memorable occasions.

We invite you to go to our online shop and make yourself or someone else happy with one of our miraculous, intriguing, fun, thought provoking games.



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