Am I Visible

When talking about visibility the first association that comes to mind is being visible in the social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc…

There is a lot of criticism that these don’t reflect reality. That the stories we choose to expose and share, told both by words and pictures are censored, fake and paint a tilted, subjective picture.

But do we act different in our face to face interactions?

How visible are we to others? Do we even want to be visible? What prevents us from being open and sincere?

We tend to hide our true dreams, fear of being seen and exposing ourselves to the whole world and afraid to show them our true self. These fears change the way we act and talk, the way people see and know us.

Imagine how our life would change if we’d be willing to be seen. Would we make different decisions? Would we talk and act with more confidence? Would we feel better about ourselves?

Understanding the importance of this issue, Points of You® developed The Coaching Game, Faces  and Punctum. All three games fit the below process:

Choosing Cards –

There are two options for working with the cards. The first option is Face Up meaning we can choose the cards we wish to work with. This option on the one hand, neutralizes resistance from the unknown however is more time consuming since we put thought into which card we would like to work with. In addition, the act of choosing in face-up mode is a conscious decision and usually does not enable topics of which the participant is not consciously aware of to rise to the surface.

The second option is Face Down meaning the cards are unseen and therefore randomly picked. This option enables us to open up to another perspective on our life that did not previously lie in our field of vision however, may be less effective for those whom randomness clashes with their logical tendencies and can therefore generate resistance.

Both options work great! It is up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Back to the process –

Choose three cards, arrange them in order and answer each question next to the card.

1. In what situations am I visible?

2. What do I gain by being visible?

3. What needs to occur in order for me to be visible all the time?

Be sincere and open about your answers and see what you have learned about yourself.


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