How Do I Express Myself

How authentic am I with the people surrounding me? How authentic am I with myself?

We play so many roles in our lives, each require emphasizing different parts of our personality and so we wear masks. As parents we play the part of the responsible adult, as students we sometimes goof around and don’t pay attention. As managers at work we need to be strict and demanding but at home with our spouse we act totally different.

We adjust ourselves to the outside according to the different people and different situations we face. We express ourselves according to what we think is the correct way but by doing so we don’t reveal many aspects of our personality, of us, of who we really are. In addition, we don’t know how the other side sees us.

Trying to help us open up, find the answers within ourselves and better understand, Points of You® developed The Coaching Game, Faces and Punctum . All three games fit the following process:

Randomly or openly select three cards or more and work according to the following order-

  1. How do I see/perceive myself?

      2. How do others see/perceive me?

     3. How would I like others to see/perceive me?

A few tips for this process…

*** You can focus the entire process on one life topic or area. How do others perceive me or how I am perceived through my work?

Personal relationship? Parenting? How am I perceived within the context of freedom, the concept of sex etc.

*** You can choose a number of cards for each question. Choosing a number of cards enhances clarity and avoids unnecessary concealment.

*** Cards can be selected randomly or openly. The process can be experienced openly first and then randomly, it’s interesting to see where it will take you.

*** In question 2, you may choose to ask about a specific person.

For example: How does my mother perceive me? My boss? My son? You can also leave it open and general.

Remember this is the point of view of how you think others perceive you.

You can add a 4th card representing what I took from this process. This card can help make issues more concrete. After the 4th card, we invite you to work with the coaching ticket.

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