To a Wonderful New Year

The end of one year towards the beginning of the new one is an opportunity to look forward by looking backwards. It is a good time to think about what we have accomplished as far as achievements, successes and goals, as well as what we would like to change, to strengthen or to get rid of.

The decisions we make are very important. We tend to make huge, unrealistic promises to ourselves or to others and then end up not being able to carry them out or to stick to them.

Points of You® developed three amazing games to help us properly make the changes or preserve the existing.

The Coaching Game, Faces and Punctum all fit the following process:

Choose 3 cards.

There are two options for working with the cards. The first option is Face Up meaning we can choose the cards we wish to work with. This option on the one hand, neutralizes resistance from the unknown however is more time consuming since we put thought into which card we would like to work with. In addition, the act of choosing in face-up mode is a conscious decision and usually does not enable topics of which the participant is not consciously aware of to rise to the surface.

The second option is Face Down meaning the cards are unseen and therefore randomly picked. This option enables us to open up to another perspective on our life that did not previously lie in our field of vision however, may be less effective for those whom randomness clashes with their logical tendencies and can therefore generate resistance.

Both options work great! It is up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Back to the process –

Talk about each question (see below) with the image and the topic in mind. Consider the image, the colors, the subjects and details. Consider how the topic presented itself last year and how you’d like it to be in the year ahead.

  1. Ask yourself what worked well last year? Who and what did I appreciate? What healthy choices did I make?

What worked well in the past year?

2. What do I want to leave behind from last year? Which patterns can I identify? Any unhealthy choices? Anything toxic in my life?

What do I want to leave behind from the past year?

3. What is important to me in the upcoming year? What do I believe I deserve? Relationships, financially, etc.? What am I willing/want to do in order to create the year I want?

What is important to me in the upcoming year?

We invite you to write down your thoughts or feelings from the process.

Be ready for these wonderful changes!


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