A Game for Change

We often think about wanting to make a change. We feel unfulfilled and in need to make a change in our career, in our relationship or in our personal development.

We also, unfortunately, many times stay “stuck” at the same point because there is something very convenient, effortless and familiar in our routine life. There is always something that seems to be more urgent and we end up postponing the change.

The gap in wanting to make the change to actually doing something about it is the challenging part.

The demanding routine holds us back from thinking and reviewing our thoughts.

Once we get there, we have a clearer picture of our thought, which then creates an understanding what further steps should be taken and what is the outcome of each action about to be taken – whether it is a negative or a positive one.

A Game for Change is a unique and personal process that connects us to our thoughts, emotions and feelings and enables us to take an action.

It is easier to start your day while brain-storming with your soul.

A Game for Change is played using The Coaching Game developed by Points of You®.

You can set a daily or a weekly routine, for best results – play each day (Remember the power of repetition).

The Coaching Game is a revolutionary product that will change the way you see things and will allow you to open up and find the answers within yourself.

The Coaching Game is an enjoyable, thought-provoking game that allows us to take a time-out, breathe, and look at life from another perspective. Among its many purposes, it can be used as a tool for change and personal development that enables going deeply into significant issues in our lives. It examines them from new angles and points of view that deviate from those we already know.

The Coaching Game stimulates thinking, discussion, and cooperation. It offers us and teaches us that there are countless points of view for any situation in addition to the ones we are familiar with and encourages us to observe things from new angels.

The Coaching Game’s contents include 65 cards with magnificent, breathtaking photos and various words offering us to open up and expand our thoughts, a Coaching Book, a Coaching Ticket Notepad, and a Coaching Layout Chart of four Contemplation Processes that are at once simple and efficient.

The almost mystical cards as some describe them invite us to look at things from a different perspective and to take a chance.

How to play:

You’ll need: a set of The Coaching Game and one memo note.

*You can also use one focus note instead

  1. Shuffle the cards and choose 10 cards
  2. Spread the cards on the table – facing up
  3. Choose one card for each subject

4. After associating one card with each subject use your note to quickly conclude your game:

The combination of your thoughts and insights will assist in taking an action.

A self-dialogue makes your mind clearer and your goals sharper.

Start your day by creating an imaginary cloud above your head, a cloud that guides you and reminds you of your personal commitment.

This cloud is constantly in your mind, in your thoughts and in your everyday.


A good addiction is repeating actions that make you productive and happy –

Embrace it!

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